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Healing Touch was established since 2001, currently with 8 branches across Singapore. It is the most recommended Singapore spa on Facebook and rated number 3 spa by TripAdvisor users.  It is also rated the top spa brand in a 2016 brand survey conducted in Singapore by Brand Alliance (Influential Brands).

Healing Touch is about holistic wellness. We are dedicated to helping people look and feel better through award winning body massage, slimming and facial treatments.

Our promise to customers:-

Caring Hands, Divine Treats.

Our therapists focus on delivering the right 4P experience – Right Pressure, Points, Pace (Rhythm) & Pampering experience.

From $46 | 1hour


Let our caring Slimming Specialists guide you on healthy detox without hunger & using latest Aesthetics technologies to carve out the contours you desire.

From $38 + GST


We believe we have solutions resulting in youthful radiant skin, which leads to positive changes in our client’s life.

From $38 + GST



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Those of us who have been plagued with acne at some point in our lives know exactly how frustrating it can be. If left untreated, acne can go on to cause scarring and hyper pigmentation, as well as low self-esteem and depression. It’s important to not fall prey to the myth that acne will simply run its course and go away on its own, as this is completely false. Acne can affect people of all ages, ranging from teenagers to those in their 50’s, and needs to be taken care of in the right manner, in order to be controlled and treated effectively. Remember that acne can reach a burn-out phase at a time in your life, but you can still suffer from breakouts for a number of years. The following skincare tips can help you treat acne and subsequent skin inflammation in the most efficient manner:Treat your Skin EarlyIt has been observed that in almost all cases, severe acne problems can be avoided altogether by seeking timely treatment from a licensed acne specialist, who will be able to recommend the right professional acne treatment in conjunction with effective skincare products. Don’t ignore your acne condition, or fall prey to the belief that acne will simply go away on its own. Start treatment as soon as possible, at the first signs of blackheads or breakouts, as this will speed up the treatment process and can work to avoid further skin issues.Seek Professional HelpIf you’re wondering why a popular acne remedy works for others but not for you, or why a particular treatment stopped working on you after a couple of weeks – it’s best to see an expert who can advise you on the best treatment option for your particular acne as well as level of skin sensitivity. This can help you get clearer skin quickly, without major side effects. An acne expert can not only suggest treatments and skincare products, but also monitor your progress to speed up healing, and simultaneously help you avoid future breakouts.Follow a Consistent Skin Care Routine with the Right ProductsIn order for skincare to be effective, it needs to be strong enough to be effective, but not harsh enough to create excessive dryness and irritation. Treating your skin regularly with the right products for your type of acne and skin condition is necessary to keep your acne under control.Avoid Over Cleansing and Forceful ScrubbingOver washing or scrubbing will only make your acne worse, by irritating your skin or leading to more inflammation or breakouts. Use a gentle cleanser for your skin type and condition twice a day, and follow it up with a non-drying toner and lightweight hydrator for the best results. Over using any product may work to impede your progress, hence judicious usage is advised.We should all remember that even the smallest lifestyle changes can help one avoid acne and other skin problems. These include reducing stress, eating nutrient-dense foods, icing skin, maintaining clean linen, supplementing your diet with vitamins, cleansing gently after exercise, and using only non-comedogenic skincare and cosmetics.At Healing Touch Spa, you can look forward to treating your unique skin type with customised treatments, which help in balancing as well as nourishing your skin. Learn more about them here.
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When trying to keep your weight in the healthy zone, we often keep a close watch on what we eat. However, there are times, we don't realise that the food we consider healthy might actually be harmful for us.White foods also known as "bad carbs", are the culprits behind obesity. Some examples are sugar and baked goods made with white flour. These foods have usually been processed and refined making them harmful for the body. It is nearly impossible to banish these foods from our diets totally but cutting down on them will lead to visible benefits as you avoid putting on those extra pounds. The important thing to keep in mind is that moderation is key.We have kindly put together the four evil whites that are secretly adding to your weight woes.1. SaltSalt enhances the taste of our food which may encourage overeating. Moreover salt is known to stall weight loss. Sodium makes your body retain water. The fluid retention and increased blood volume makes your heart work harder to move blood through the vessels and increases arterial pressure. This can eventually lead to heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure. Consuming excess salt can cause you to put on extra weight. A reduction in salt intake allows for your weight to drop as your body dispels the water it was retaining.2. SugarHave the urge to reach out to your favourite donut or cupcake? You might want to reconsider doing that. To be honest, there is hidden sugar in almost everything we eat or drink. Sugar is 50% fructose which is immediately converted to fat. By cutting down on sugar-laden foods, you cut down on a lot of calories from fat and refined starches too. This is because we never eat sugar on its own. We consume it with in the form of cakes and pastries which is made of flour, fat and sugar. Eliminating this white toxin from your diet will free your body to drop the extra weight. Sorry red velvet cupcakes, we'll have to give you a pass.3. FlourRefined flour has close to zero nutritional benefits and does not pass through your digestive system efficiently. It sticks to your intestinal linings and makes your digestive system lazy because it doesn't need to be broken down. Worse yet, they are easily converted to sugar and fat. Cutting down on flour will force you to change your diet for the better. Increase your intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and boost your metabolism and digestion.4. RiceRice, especially in Asia is a staple and is consumed during many meals. Most people are often mistaken that rice is healthy. In actual fact, the nutritional value of rice depends on the type of rice you choose. White rice, which we eat ever so often is much like eating white bread. It encourages your body to store excess fat which it doesn't need making it harder to lose weight. To make matters worse, it has little nutritional value.Brown rice works best to boost your overall health. It is packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Bring rich in fiber, it helps you feel full for longer. So substitute white rice for brown rice for a healthier option.To end off, one should know that carbohydrates are essential for your health as they work as fuel for your body. Alternatively, we can get the necessary nutrients from "smart carbs" such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat diary and whole grains. Let's make do with lesser of these white foods.Healing Touch provides slimming therapies to assist in your weight management plan. For more information, visit our slimming page "here".



A Culture of Caring

Whatever services we offer, we must do it with a lot of care. We must care for our customers, our staff and if we are truly a caring bunch of people, we should extend our care even to our communities. Regular sponsored spa retreats for the elderlies are one of the ways we reinforce this attitude of caring amongst our people. And we are well rewarded when we see the elderlies enjoying themselves, having a good time.


Sponsored Spa Retreat 2013

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Social Reviews

Healing Touch is the most reviewed spa in Singapore.
More than 2,000 reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor and several blogs & E-magazines.


  •   Good service and very nice massage thanks for Auntie Aimee.. Good job Tang lin, shopping center..

    thumb Hercules Bautista
  •   My sis, my husband and me always go to OCC branch. I forgotten the name of Recept again.. she was kinda new maybe abt a yr plus... but she is really provide what i called excellent service. She note down all our requests and feedbacks everytime we ended our service. When we call to book she always will help to arrange those Massuers we preferred.... without mentioned all the Thai Massuers like Judy, Coco and Lynn are with great skills. I felt they have real therapy skill as they would really know where and which points we need more pressures. They are not those nosy type and usually quiet yet very friendly... my sister even have good relationship with her preferred Massuer, Judy.

    thumb Meredith Lim
  •   Went to cpf tampines outlet. I was served by sendrene. She is very professional and she is very patient and carefully tell me how to take care of my face. She make my skin feel good and relax. I will confirm visit her again. Loved it thank you.

    thumb Catherine Chan
  •   Brought the family for a massage, we are all satisfied :)

    thumb Neo Sinni

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