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Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Oct 15 at 06.16 am

Stephanie @ Upper Thomson... Great massage!!!

Chilli Tan
2017 Oct 15 at 06.05 am

Great deep tissue massage by Ivy @ Alexis branch

Chilli Tan
2017 Oct 15 at 06.04 am

Great deep tissue massage by Ivy (Healing Touch Alexis)

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Oct 10 at 11.05 am

Stephanie @ Upper Thomson... great massage!!!

Vc Yeo
2017 Oct 08 at 01.31 pm

I have been patronizing Healing Touch Thomson Branch for the past 3 years for the massage service, their service is good and their staff are friendly. My regular masseur, Shino, is very good and remember and focus my usual pain points. She also remember that I prefer a more quiet room so that I can relax well. Very fortunate to meet a understanding masseur. Thank you Shino.

Ernest Lim
2017 Oct 05 at 01.10 am

I received excellent service yesterday from the Novena branch. Thank you.

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Oct 03 at 07.44 am

stephanie @ upper thomson... wonderful massage...

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Sep 23 at 09.07 am

Stephanie @ Upper Thomson... amazing!!!

Nako Guruji
2017 Sep 22 at 03.19 am

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