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Zack Son Cher Peng
2018 Jan 06 at 07.15 am

Adeline @ Upper Thomson.... wonderful massage... Suri @ Upper Thomson.... wonderful service...

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Dec 28 at 02.44 am

Niew Mei Ling @ Upper Thomson... great service!!!

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Dec 28 at 02.44 am

Adeline @ Upper Thomson... great massage!!!

Zack Son Cher Peng
2017 Dec 22 at 11.47 am

Adeline @ Upper Thomson... wonderful massage!!!

Chilli Tan
2017 Dec 17 at 05.15 am

Relaxed muscles after my monthly deep tissue massage by Ivy at Alexis

Madeline Poon
2017 Dec 02 at 09.59 am

Great massage but getting so bored with the music. How about some change? Christmas songs?

Rajesh Kuan
2017 Nov 19 at 08.46 am

Manage to find this company on the website today. And Give a try. Usually I don't dare to try as there is too many really not that professional type(sleazy). But today at the Novena branch it was fantastic and a great nice ambience. The receptionist was super nice and friendly. The masseuse was strong as she look young but she got the power to press your muscle. The best is the price are reasonable I find as l usually go for tuina which cost $80-$120 for the pro(1hrs). For this i go for deep tissue massage which cost $58.85 for 1hour treatment. Will be going back to this company again. Next round will try the acupressure. Oh ya it is possible to have classical music for those who need it. I find it too quite. Just my thought. Thank You

June Yu
2017 Nov 18 at 03.40 pm

I’ve been a frequent customer for massage services at alexandra branch and the experience has always been pleasing. However, just a suggestion, it would be good if the masseur can wear a mask when doing the head massage so that they won’t be breathing into the customer’s face.

Wesley Chee
2017 Nov 11 at 03.24 am

The masseur is very professional and able to adjust to the need of individual to manage the pain or ach area. The receptionist is friendly and provide value added advice. I continue to renew my package for another 2 years term.