4P Tension Relief Massage - Award winning Spa in Singapore - Healing Touch Spa

The right Pressure, on the right Points, at the right Pace, for the perfect Pamper session

60 mins | $55 ($58.85 wGST)

90 mins | $82.50 ($88.28 wGST)

120 mins | $110 ($117.70 wGST)

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This treatment fuses techniques from a variety of massages such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai and Acupressure to create a therapeutic experience for customers according to their individual body condition and preferences.

Our therapists focus on delivering the right 4P experience – the right Pressure, the right Points, and the right Pace (rhythm), for the perfect Pampering experience. Rhythm, pressure and target areas are tailored to your requirements to create a highly relaxing and tension-relieving session that’s just perfect for you.