Bojin (拨筋) MLD Wrap

Bojin (拨筋) MLD Wrap

A body contouring treatment that trims inches off while rejuvenating the womb in the long run?

Combining TCM Bojin with Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), the 2 techniques work in synergy to release trapped Qi energy and flush out toxins within the fat cells. It is the most effective treatment that helps to rebalance the body systems while helping it to slim naturally without surgery or medical intervention.

Working on the stomach, spleen. Kidney and liver meridians, Bojin helps reduce cravings, improves nutrients absorption, remove toxin and expel water retention. It tones the muscles and helps strengthen the reproductive system.

MLD flushes out accumulated toxins in the body and fat cells while strengthening the immune system.

Key Benefits:

    • Lose inches in just one session
    • Flush away toxins
    • Expel water retention
    • Rejuvenate womb

Oxygenating Dead Sea Mud Wrap

For centuries, people all around the world have been enjoying the medicinal and aesthetic properties of Mud Therapy.

Healing Touch uses dead sea mud together with sea algae, rich in mineral content to increase metabolism, activate detoxification, promote cell rejuvenation, reduce cellulite and relieves body aches.


      1. Lose around 600 calories:Paired with the far infrared heated blanket, it helps to remove around 600 calories for each session.
      2. Removing inner Impurities: Oxygenated Mud Wrap remove excess dirt, toxins and impurities from the body. It helps induce perspiration to unclog the pores while the rich essential minerals hydrate the skin leaving it soft, exfoliated and youthful.
      3. Heals body Ailments: Oxygenated Mud also helps relieve many symptoms caused by Arthritis, muscle stiffness, Rheumatism and joint inflammation.
      4. Anti-Aging: By promoting blood flow/circulation, Oxygenated Mud wrap tightens and firms the skin
      5. Skin Hydration: By removing impurities and infusing the skin with essential minerals, the skin is left hydrated, healthy and balanced.
      6. Balancing Skin Tone: By oxygenating the skin, it helps the skin to look radiant with a healthy glow


First Trial: $28
Usual: $180 + GST | 60mins (Target one area)

Healing Touch is here to make a difference!

✗ Hard Selling ✔ Nutrition & lifestyle coaching support
✗ Endless Up-selling ✔ See visible difference in 1 trial
✗ Pain ✔ Transparent pricing
✗ Surgery ✔ Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
✗ Hunger
✗ Down Time

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Each customer is entitled to only 1 trial redemption.
  • Online payment is required upon booking.
  • For Female customers who are age 23 and above.
  • Singapore citizens, PR, and holders of Employment Pass and SPass and Long term visit (Plus) card holders are eligible for this promotion.
  • This promotional offer ends 31 December 2018.
  • Strictly by appointment only.
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