What is Eczema?

Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Blisters may sometimes occur.

What causes Eczema?

According to TCM, there are two main elements which made up of dampness and heat that causes Eczema. This dampness and heat usually originate from the spleen, stomach, liver or the digestive system. Deficiency of the spleen and digestive system will result in poorer excretion of waste products  which lead to dampness and heat accumulation within the body. When such accumulation is too excessive, it will find its way to escape from the body through skin, the largest organ of the body system.

  • There are different underlying causes of Eczema
  • Each case must be treated differently.
  • No 1 method can fix all cure.

Stages of Eczema

There are basically three stages of eczema.

Treatment for Eczema

Eczema can be effectively treated via acupuncture, blood letting and prescription of TCM herbs. Through this methodology, body waste can be removed efficiently and the body excretions mechanism can be enhanced.

Acupuncture is a methodology where needles are administered on specific points which are linked to internal organs through the meridians. Imagine the mechanism of a switch and a light bulb, when electric current passes through the wire, the bulb is lit up.

In this analogy, the switch refers to acupuncture points, through the electric wire which acts as meridians that flow electric energy in the form of blood and Qi to the internal organs (i.e. light bulb).

TCM methodology focuses solely on holistic and self healing process, less reliant on medication, with minimal side effects and lasting recovery.

Below are a few of our treatment cases.

Case 1

Female, Age 40. Eczema on face and neck. Itchiness on neck, face, ear and area around the eyes. Blood letting on affected area followed by acupuncture treatment. Patient observed significant improvement after first treatment. A follow up treatment was conducted and patient recovered.

Case 2

Female, Age 59. Chronic eczema for a few years. Patches of inflamed red and darkened skin at abdominal area, both legs and the lower back. Intense itching especially in the night. After first treatment, eczema at the abdominal area improved significantly with less itching. After third treatment both legs improved significantly. However patient observed spread of itching on both arms, thigh area and sometimes around the hip simultaneously. In general, her eczema had been well under control and is improving positively. Patient has completed 5th treatment and continue to come for follow up as she is very happy with the results.

Case 3

Female, age 32. Stage 1 eczema on both legs. Scratches on both legs around area of inflamed red skin. Acupuncture immediately relieved the itch and inflammation after first treatment. Acupuncture on the meridian not only reduced inflammation but also enhanced the body system and organs such as the spleen, liver and kidney. TCM believed that all internal organs are inter-related and compliments each other so as to achieve optimum efficiency to carry out the excretion of excessive waste products commonly known as dampness and heat. Patient recovered after fifth session but still continue to come for acupuncture sessions to enhance the effect and improve her overall health.

Above information is contributed by our TCM Physician Jason Teow, Diploma in TCM(Singapore college of TCM), Bachelor degree in TCM (Nangjing University of TCM), full registration with TCMPB in year 2004

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