TCM believes that there are several meridians in the body where blood and “Qi” flows through to nourish the muscles, tendons, body tissues, bones, internal organs and the entire body system. Whenever there is a blockage to these meridians, it hinders a portion of “blood and Qi” with those areas resulting in numbness, soreness or pain, particularly to the joints.

According to TCM, there are four main elements namely Wind, Dampness, Coldness and Heat that results in Arthritis. An example of Wind, Coldness and Dampness would be one who sleeps with damp hair in an airconditioned room.

  • There are different types and causes of Arthritis.
  • Each must be treated differently.
  • No 1 method that fix all cure.


Arthritis can be effectively treated with acupuncture, tui-na, acupressure and prescription of TCM herbs.

Acupuncture is a methodology where needles are administered on specific points which are linked to internal organs through the meridians. Imagine the mechanism of a switch and a light bulb, when electric current passes through the wire, the bulb is lit up.

In this analogy, the switch refers to acupuncture points, through the electric wire which acts as meridians that flow electric energy in the form of blood and Qi to the internal organs (i.e. light bulb).

TCM methodology focuses solely on holistic and self healing process, less reliance on medication, with minimal side effect and lasting recovery.

Below are a few of our treatment cases:

Case 1 – Knee pain

Female, age 65. Initially, pain is more severe on the right knee, however it has affected her left knee as she tends to put more stress on her left when walking. She came into the clinic with a walking stick. After first treatment, she feels much better and continue with the consultation for about 8 sessions. Now, she has recovered tremendously, without the use of walking stick and no more pain in her knee.

Case 2 – Sprained ankle

Female, age 32. Sprained her left ankle while walking down stairs. Affected area was swollen with severe pain. Acupuncture and acupressure were administered and affected area was bandaged using TCM herbs. She felt much relieved upon her next day consultation. Similar treatment was administered again and she has fully recovered within the few days.

Case 3 -Tenosynovitis

Male, age 17. Suffer Tenosynovitis on right middle finger resulting in swelling, stiffness and pain. Through blood letting and acupuncture, it instantaneously relieved the stiffness. He recovered after second treatment.

Above information is contributed by our TCM Physician Jason Teow, Diploma in TCM(Singapore college of TCM), Bachelor degree in TCM (Nangjing University of TCM), full registration with TCMPB in year 2004.

TCM Treatments are only available at Healing Touch Novena branch

Treatment fee from $60 (before GST)